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melting in the snow

Posted by culinaryneophyte on January 7, 2011

It’s snowing here in Jersey. The last snow was the first major storm of the season (8-10 inches?), and I learned a valuable lesson: Your new car may not drive as well in the snow as your last car. Or even close to as well. Your new car may be less useful and/or safe on winter roads than the 10-speed Huffy you rocked in sixth grade.

With the snow still falling and no plans until at least the early evening, I’ve resigned myself to staying indoors until I absolutely must dust off my car and brave the unsteady — and undoubtedly congested — Jersey roads. Fortunate for my car, but unfortunate for my kitchen (and related appliances)…

Today’s lesson of the day: American cheese is really good at melting. Everywhere. Behold, the result of my homemade cheesesteak quesadilla (an “American, without” for all you Philly folk).


2 Responses to “melting in the snow”

  1. Tricia said

    10- speed Huffy! AAHAHAHA! I had a purple one with a matching helmet. Since the snow has PA-locked me today, perhaps I’ll try melting some cheese. Woo!

  2. […] insides. (A heads up on the cleanup: Brie melts at the same speedy rate as American cheese, which, if you recall, was a lesson I learned over the […]


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