pop off

Big food “holiday” coming up this weekend, and I’ve got a great little appetizer for you to whip up for any Super Bowl party. (Does that ‘not-allowed-to-say-Super-Bowl’ thing apply to blogs, too? Sure hope not.)

I made these cream cheese and bacon-stuffed jalapeño poppers for my Christmas party (adapted from Gonna Want Seconds), and they required very little effort for something so tasty; they’re also ideal because they don’t lose their appeal after sitting out over the course of the party.

In case you’re overlooking the “jalapeño” in the description, let me remind you that these can be pretty freaking spicy. This might also be a good time to [strongly] encourage the donning of gloves before deveining your jalapeños; I didn’t. My fingers were aflame the entire night — like, visibly crimsoned from my fingertips to my knuckles. Never felt anything like it. Some of my guests exclaimed, “How did you not know that?!” Uhh, because no told me it would be that bad? I didn’t think my hand would catch fire? Is that really common knowledge? Either way, you know I’m looking out for you and the thermal reading of your appendages.

♦10 fresh jalapeños
♦8 oz. of cream cheese
♦5-8 slices of bacon
♦1/2 c. plain panko bread crumbs

Cook bacon, drain on paper towel and crumble when slightly cooled. Combine bacon crumbs and cream cheese in bowl. In a separate bowl, pour out panko. Cut jalapeños in half lengthwise, remove seeds and veins (wearing gloves). Scoop bacon mixture into each jalapeño, then dip cream cheese side into panko. Bake on a lined sheet for 15 minutes at 375 degrees.

Total time? 10 minutes for bacon, 7 minutes prep, 15 minutes bake
Cost? $2 for jalapeños, $1 cream cheese, $2 bacon, $2 panko bread crumbs
Overall success relative to expectations? 7 out of 10. My spiteful fingers wanted to take off points for the pain they endured during this, but I broke out some pretty nail polish to distract them. I skimped a little on the cream cheese mixture to make sure I had enough for all 20 poppers, and had too much left over in the end; next time, I’ll be sure to load ’em up — to not only avoid waste, but give guests more of a buffer from the crazy jalapeño kick.

2 thoughts on “pop off”

  1. Hi, Thanks for making my Chai Granola. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. I usually make a double batch every 4 days. My family just LOVES it. Thanks for visiting my blog. Let’s visit soon. Kirsten
    The stuffed jalapenos have been on my list forever. Usually my friend brings them and hers are sooo good.


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