are they made from real Girl Scouts?

I’m going to guess you’ve had at least one box of Girl Scout Cookies in the last month, and if not, you’ve got some commendable self control. They’re everywhere — in the office, at the front door, accosting me in the supermarket. I can’t get away, and I can’t say no, so I ended up with three boxes of Samoas that I synchronously did and did not want to eat. The solution? Turn it into a treat for my friends: the Samoa cupcake.

Inside the cake is a layer of crushed Samoa cookies (the best of the Girl Scout variety, in my opinion). The icing is infused with coconut, and topped with half a Samoa and cookie crumbs, but you can nix the half-cookie if you’re looking to save a few for your own indulgence.

I took a shortcut on this one, and used Duncan Hines Super Moist vanilla cake mix, and it was well worth it. (And props to DH for delivering on that moist promise; the consistency was perfect and fluffy.)

While these are relatively easy to make, I ran into a little bit of trouble; condensing the coconut milk on the stove took 30 minutes and really threw a wrench in my party planning. While that was pretty vexing, the frosting was the biggest pain in the sash (– get it? Like Girl Scout sash? Ehh?). I attempted to add more coconut flavor by adding an extra tablespoon of the milk, but the frosting was too sweet to add any more powdered sugar and level out, so it ended up way too liquescent — almost like a glaze. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time (or supplies) to make another batch of frosting, so I loaded the liquid into my piping gun and went to town. I ended up with puddles, but they somehow managed to sit still on top of the cupcake, so I rolled with it.

a look inside...

♦1 box Duncan Hines Extra Moist vanilla cake mix

2 eggs
1/3 c. canola oil
2 boxes Samoa Girl Scout Cookies (Caramel Delites)

Pulse one box of Samoa cookies in blender, and set aside. Prepare vanilla cake mix as per instructions on box. Fill 1/3 of each baking cup with batter. Add a layer of Samoa crumbs (making sure to leave enough for second dozen). Add batter to 3/4 full. Bake for 12-15 minutes at 350 degrees. Makes 24 cupcakes.

♦1 can coconut milk
♦4 oz. cream cheese
♦4 tbl. butter
♦1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
♦1-1/2 c. powdered sugar

Reduce can of coconut milk in a saucepan over medium heat, about 75 percent. After cooled, spoon four tablespoons (no more!) of the mixture into a  bowl with remaining ingredients. Beat until desired consistency.

Total time? 45 minutes prep (includes condensing), 15 minutes baking.
Cost? A little pricey — $7 for cookies ($3.50/each), $1.29 can of coconut milk, $1 cake mix, $1 cream cheese
Overall success relative to expectations? 7 out of 10. As far as taste goes, these were good, but I could have used more cookie crumbs inside the cake to add a little bit more Samoa-ness. I’d also like to try making a coconut-base cupcake next time to really ramp up the flavor. Oh, and that whole not having my frosting look like a sloppy puddle would be good, too.

sporty liners for my Super Bowl party



2 thoughts on “are they made from real Girl Scouts?”

  1. Impressive stuff! Though personally, I lead more toward Thin Mints. And the new Lemonades are ludicrously delicious! Overall, I think I’ve had 5 boxes of those clever young ladies’ cookies so far. I’m what you’d call an “easy mark.”

    1. Thin Mints are a close second for me, but I’ll have to check out these Lemonades; usually, I see the purple box and start shelling out money without a thought of what else might be available. So addicted — sigh. Thanks for reading, Geoff!


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