pretty young takeout

My friends and I had another fantastic meal at my favorite Philly burger place, PYT, this weekend. Check out Randi’s s’more milkshake and my Chinese Takeout Burger, a fried chicken patty in a sweet and sour chile sauce topped with cabbage, cucumber and scallions and finished with fried wonton strips. (It even came with a fortune cookie!) If you live within 50 miles of this place, you must go.

After our meal, we journeyed across the Piazza for gelato only to find — gasp! — Nana Petrillo’s is closed this month and next. I swore there was another place for us to find sweets, so we continued down a side street full of shops until we stumbled upon Sweet Spot Cafe. I fell in love with the place as soon as we entered — mostly because there was a list of at least 20 crazy-flavored lattes on the wall. I opted for red velvet (pictured below), and it did not disappoint. My coffee-loving friend, Laura, bit on the barista’s sales pitch about the “purest cup of coffee in the world,” and we sat in awe of the siphoned coffee science experiment that took place at the bar. Thought it took a bit for her to be able to drink (it comes out at 270 degrees, after all), she reported back that it was in fact the best cup of coffee she’s ever tasted.

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