Cupcake Smash 2012!

Cupcake Smash 2012!

Here’s my setup at Philabundance’s Cupcake Smash 2012 in Philadelphia. Fruit Loop cupcake with Loopy Vodka buttercream frosting. I won People’s Choice! More details coming soon. Thanks to all who came out to “beet” hunger!


last meals?

I’d been itching to take the “100 Foods to Eat Before You Die” quiz since it hit Facebook, like, two months ago. (Yeah, I’m a little late to the game.) The biggest holdup was really that I was too lazy to hit “allow” when Facebook asked me if I wanted to grant the app access to my profile.

I finally completed the quiz tonight, and boy was it a fun 75 seconds! Continue reading last meals?

that’s how I ‘roll’

I like to try new things, and often I’m met with “eww, that sounds gross” when my menu selection goes off the beaten path. Such was the case last Friday when I hit PYT with a few of my friends. I opted for their special “Philly Roll” burger with cream cheese, smoked salmon, fresh cucumbers and a pinch of seaweed. When it arrived at the table, everyone took a taste. When their disgust turned to jealousy, I retorted, “Fortune favors the bold.” That’s how I roll. Continue reading that’s how I ‘roll’

sweet & spicy beef stir fry

Ugh. I hate how long it’s been since my last post. For as little time as I’ve had to cook lately, I’ve had even less time to write. The sparse free time I’ve had has been devoted to Cupcake Smash entry development. I can’t yet reveal what I’ll be serving, but I will tell you there’s been an awful lot of bacon and booze involved; those are two staples of the PYT menu, after all.

One of the few meals I’ve cranked out lately was this awesome sweet and spicy beef stir fry (adapted from evil shenanigans). Continue reading sweet & spicy beef stir fry