what’s bakin’ bacon?

Everyone loves bacon. Even vegetarians love bacon — they just don’t want to admit it. There are websites devoted entirely to bacon. Bacon ice cream. Bacon liquor. Even bacon gum balls. I get it: Bacon is awesome. You what’s not awesome? Cooking bacon.

At least that’s how I felt before I discovered the wonder of baking bacon. Continue reading what’s bakin’ bacon?


cupcakes v. hunger

Around this time last year, my friend Rachel handed me a brightly colored postcard featuring a smiling, flying, caped cupcake and told me to enter this new cupcake competition based on one of my favorite Philly restaurants, PYT. Intrigued, I went home and emailed in, but was promptly told all spots were filled. (After all, it was just a week before the event.) Thankfully, the Cupcake Smash organizer, Melissa, kept my contact information and included me on the distribution list for this year’s event. It was about 15 seconds from the time the email from the “Cupcake Coordinator” arrived until the time I was registered. I was not missing out on this opportunity again. Continue reading cupcakes v. hunger