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back, to the future

Posted by culinaryneophyte on September 9, 2012

Today is a big day. Yes, it’s the first Sunday of the NFL season (and I do not intend to get up from my couch all day, thanks to NFL Red Zone), but moreover, it’s that’s forking good’s second blogiversary!

I would have loved to go into today with a full head of steam, but sadly, there’s been little but cobwebs around these parts lately. The good news is that I’ve cooked and baked more in the last two weeks than I had in the last three months, and today’s birthday post marks my triumphant return to blogging with regularity. No terrible twos for TFG; this year will be chock-full of fun experiments and food porn.

On my blog’s first birthday, I vowed to buy a new camera, be featured on foodgawker, post more often, get a business off the ground and attempt to make macaroons. I may have only accomplished 1.5 of those things, but seeing my cupcakes on foodgawker was one of the most thrilling [culinary] accomplishments of my life. Another? Proving myself on a large scale at PYT’s Cupcake Smash and bringing home the best, tackiest trophy ever created. In addition to the aforementioned goals, I’d like to knock out at least one Pin on my “to make” Pinterest board per month. Oh, and getting on foodgawker again would be nice.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the last two years, and to the visitors who have continued to visit. Time to put on my party dress…and watch some football.


One Response to “back, to the future”

  1. […] last development builds on last year’s mover and shaker: Pinterest. In last year’s blogiversary post, I made it my goal to make one Pinterest meal per month. I actually did a double take when I went […]


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