The “GM Diet”: Am I really doing this?

The last few weeks have been a mess for more reasons than one. Most notably, only half the moving that was expected to take place actually took place, and I’m now living my life out of one bedroom and a tiny storage unit. I don’t know where anything is, and I just can’t get settled no matter how hard I try.

The last few weeks have also been awful for me health wise. I’ve gotten little sleep, been overly stressed at work, eaten like I did in college and — shockingly — fallen prey to sickness. I happened to be binge Pinning one night and came across a skinny stomach shot and a “seven-day cleanse: lose 10-17 lbs in a week.” I pinned it to come back to, and kept the idea in the back of my head.

The pin (and many other posts around the Internet) call this the “GM Diet” — touted as General Motors’ way of keeping their middle-aged employees thin, and thus, curbing insurance costs. In doing some research, I’m almost certain the genesis is a hoax, but I’ve come across many claims (including from two good friends) that following the diet does actually work, regardless of how it came to be.

I’m by no means overweight. I’ve already gotten a lot of guff from friends when I tell them I’m doing this cleanse, and if my weight loss ends up on the higher end of that spectrum, I will be in double digits. I just need a fresh start. I’m not doing this to see results on the scale. I want to feel lighter and thinner, give my body a break from any the processed things I’ve put in it, and — most importantly — see if I can last the seven days. I like a challenge, and if this one is going to make me thinner, why not give it a go?

My plan is to do a day-by-day breakdown for anyone who might be interested in doing this. You can read the entire plan here, but the basic gist is eat a lot of natural food (fruits, veggies) and drink lots of water:

Day One: All fruits (most melons, no bananas)
Day Two: All vegetables
Day Three: Fruits and vegetables (still no bananas)
Day Four: Bananas, milk and special cabbage soup
Day Five: Tomatoes and lean beef
Day Six: Vegetables and lean beef
Day Seven: Fruits, vegetables and brown rice (no meat)

Based on my schedule, there was really no better time than this week, so I hopped aboard without much thought (for better or worse). The decision came the day after I ate my weight in amaaaazing food at my friends’ wedding. I’m talking salmon with fruit salsa, slider station, Italian meats tray, mashed potato bar… I will cherish the memory of those foods all week.

On Day Zero, I spent $30 on vegetables and fruit with only a slight idea of how and what I’d prepare. My last meal was a chicken salad sandwich and a chocolate chip cookie with a Rolo inside. Had to go out in style, right?

GM Diet: Am I Really Doing This?
GM Diet: Day One
GM Diet: Day Two
GM Diet: Day Three
GM Diet: Day Four
GM Diet: Day Five
GM Diet: Day Six
GM Diet: Day Seven
GM Diet: Drum roll, please…

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