“GM Diet”: Day One

I am blogging my experience in completing the “GM Diet” — incorrectly labeled as such as part of an apparent hoax, but still effective as reported by many across the Internet. Click here to read my intro/explanation.

The first day of the diet is nothing but fruit — specifically watery fruits like melons and apples. Unfortunately, no bananas in the first day. No starches, potassium or carbohydrates. Drink lots of water.

I woke up, ate a Valencia orange, put on NFL Game Day and started my prep work for the week. I quickly realized that, for as much as I love cantaloupe, I had never actually cut one up before. Praise the heavens for YouTube. I learned how to sort of ‘filet’ a cantaloupe from Chef Dave in less than three minutes. Surprisingly fun chore.

sweet and sour cabbage soup

What I Ate
An entire cantaloupe before the day was out. No shame. I was satisfied, but never felt weighed down. I snacked on grapes and a few strawberries throughout. Lunch was an avocado (yes, that’s a fruit) with some lemon juice and cayenne pepper. This was the only point I felt like I actually ate a meal. For “dinner,” I had an apple. Strangely enough, I had never eaten an apple off the core prior to. I don’t actually like apples that much (and even less without peanut butter), so this wasn’t my ideal meal, but it sufficed.

The diet allows for small servings of cabbage soup, which I taste tested on Day One. My friend, Jay, likes to dabble in the kitchen [understatement] and he had done the cleanse before, so I offered him $10 to make me a vat of the soup. Ended up with a sweet and sour cabbage soup that will certainly save me on particular days of this diet. (I’m looking at you, Banana and Milk Day.)

Oh, and obviously, I drank a ton of water, and only water.

Day One was a breeze. I was excited to start the challenge and every piece of fruit I had was delicious — so much so that it was barely painful when I watched football with my friends and they feasted on homemade buffalo wings, Goldfish, Chinese food, fudge and a Ring Pop. I had two soccer games in the evening, and felt lighter, but not weaker. No significant challenges other than I had to pee pretty much every 15 minutes.

The Weigh-In
I don’t own a digital scale, so I couldn’t accurately weigh myself just before starting. Despite changes in my appearance, my actual weight doesn’t change very much, so I am confident using the number from my last doctor’s appointment in August will be good enough.

I weighed myself at my friends’ house in the later afternoon, so I plan to read my weight after work each day. This will make it a little more difficult to log in respect to what I’ve been eating because each weigh-in will be a product of half of the current day’s diet and have the previous day’s, but in any event…

At the Day One weigh-in, I had lost 0.6 lbs. (And felt fantastic!)

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