“GM Diet”: Day Two

I am blogging my experience in completing the “GM Diet” — incorrectly labeled as such as part of an apparent hoax, but still effective as reported by many across the Internet. Click here to read my intro/explanation.

Remember when I said how fantastic I felt? Remember when I was gushing about how awesome eating fruit all day is? Remember when everything in GM Diet-land was rainbows and sunshine?

Day Two — not so much.

The second day of the diet is nothing but vegetables. Much like Day One, you can eat to your heart’s content and drink tons of water. The vegetables can be cooked, but you should not use butter, salt or oil… you know — all the things that make food taste good.

What I Ate
To start Day Two, I steamed broccoli, baked eggplant, boiled carrots and spinach (separately) and partially boiled a potato to prepare it for baking. The diet recommends you have a baked potato for breakfast (with one pad of butter allowed). Sounds weird, but it was the best part of the day. For dinner, I cooked mushrooms in a frying pan with a miniscule amount of Smart Balance, and paired those with spinach and carrots (and barely ate any of it). Later, I ate half a baked potato. It doesn’t expressly state in the diet plan that I can’t have another potato, but I considered it an emergency potato because I was in starvation mode and got the shakes.

On “normal” days, I consider myself a vegetable fan, and really thought Day Two would be as enjoyable — if not more. Turns out I was wrong. Doing this on a work day was a significant challenge; I had to prepare everything the night before, and despite my best attempts at preparing a good variety, I was sick of everything by noon. Everything just seemed… soggy. The baked eggplant for lunch was a high point — slimy as it was — but I was pretty miserable once my afternoon snack time hit and nothing looked appetizing. Same case with dinner, hence the aforementioned emergency baked potato.

To make matters worse, I ventured to Walmart after work to pick up a digital scale and had to walk by TastyKake displays and frozen pizzas. I never crave these things, but the allure of the untouchable was almost overwhelming. Being as it was Columbus Day, the store was packed with punk teenagers shoving each other around aisles and singing Taylor Swift at the top of their lungs as I trudged by like a zombie. Only not like a zombie. Because zombies don’t eat vegetables. I wonder what the GM Diet for zombies would be…

The Weigh-In
Armed with my new digital scale, I weighed in after work and was pleased to see a significant drop. I didn’t necessarily feel lighter, but maybe it was because I was in such a rotten mood.

At the Day Two weigh-in, I had lost 2.9 lbs from the day before – 3.5 lbs total.  (And was absolutely miserable.)


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