“GM Diet”: Day Three

I am blogging my experience in completing the “GM Diet” — incorrectly labeled as such as part of an apparent hoax, but still effective as reported by many across the Internet. Click here to read my intro/explanation.

I awoke on Day Three empty and still bitter from the day before, but hopeful that reintroducing fruit into the diet would raise my spirits. Indeed it did. Day Three is all fruits and veggies and tons of water — no bananas, no potatoes.

What I Ate
I defaulted to mostly fruits on this day – three oranges, grapes, strawberries and an apple (they’re growing on me). I again went with an avocado for lunch, but with the vegetable allowance for Day Three, paired it with mixed spring greens, cucumber, chopped carrots and raw sweet peppers. It was a pretty satisfying meal — something I did not encounter the day before. For dinner, I craved something savory, and steamed some zucchini and squash.

Fruit was the saving grace of Day Three. If I had to do another day of just vegetables, I would have been miserable, but if I come away with nothing else from this diet, I will still have an newfound and intractable love for fruit. The only real challenge of Day Three was my trip to the supermarket. Damn ShopRite for putting the bakery at the entrance. I may or may not have crept through there to give the bread a little squeeze — not in a creepy way, just in a “miss you, old friend” sort of way. Siiiigh.

The Weigh-In
I still hadn’t felt/seen a huge change by Day Three, but the numbers don’t lie…

At the Day Three weigh-in, I had lost 1.9 lbs from the day before — down 5.4 lbs total.

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