“GM Diet”: Day Seven

I am blogging my experience in completing the “GM Diet” — incorrectly labeled as such as part of an apparent hoax, but still effective as reported by many across the Internet. Click here to read my intro/explanation.

Day Seven. I finally made it, and I was delirious with excitement… so much so that I didn’t read the plan closely enough, and prohibited myself from eating what would have been the most enjoyable fare of the day – fruit. On this day, you are allowed brown rice, vegetables and fruit.

What I Ate
For breakfast, I scarfed down some brown rice and broccoli before my soccer game; I despised the taste, but knew I needed fuel. For lunch, I finished off the brown rice and zucchini and squash in the fridge. “Dinner” was a few pieces of broccoli and a “cheat” rice cake. I ate light and held out for the final weigh-in (results below). I waited until the time of night at which I last ate “real food” a week earlier, and then broke the cleanse with half a turkey sandwich and some tomato soup.

The only challenge here was how sick of vegetables and brown rice I was. Oh, and that whole part about how I’m illiterate and didn’t realize I could have been eating fruit all day.

The Weigh-In
I was dying to get on the scale and get the final result, and I was pleasantly surprised.

On the Day Seven weigh-in, I had lost 0.9 lbs from the day before — down 6.4 lbs total.

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