“GM Diet”: Day Six

I am blogging my experience in completing the “GM Diet” — incorrectly labeled as such as part of an apparent hoax, but still effective as reported by many across the Internet. Click here to read my intro/explanation.

Have you all been on the edge of your seats, wondering how the rest of my cleanse went? I apologize for the delay. Just after my cleanse ended and before I had a chance to document the final two days, I left for a week-long business trip to San Diego. You’ll be privy to a bevy of west coast food photos in a forthcoming post, but first things first…

Day Six is considered the “feast day” of the diet. You are allowed vegetables, brown rice and two servings of beef.

What I Ate
Day Five really tried my soul. I felt sick and on the verge of caving, but Day Six was my saving grace. Disgusted with the thought of having beef or vegetables for breakfast, I “cheated” again and had two rice cakes. For an early snack, I ate the rest of my steamed broccoli with brown rice. I hit up the ShopRite salad bar for lunch and loaded up on veggies, and splurged on a small piece of prepared beef from the hot bar. After suffering through day before, it tasted like heaven. Late-day snack was zucchini and squash in balsamic and basil. The day was capped by a steak and asparagus dinner at home. SO. GOOD. (No picture of dinner; I inhaled it without thinking.) Late that night, I went out with friends and had a single Corona Light (one drink permitted in the original version of the diet).

Day Six wasn’t terribly challenging. I don’t ever eat steak, but dinner was fabulous and held me over during a night of salsa dancing. I’m not a big drinker, but being limited to one light beer when everyone around you is consuming to their hearts’ content was a little bit of a bummer, but… still not terribly challenging.

The Weigh-In
Day Six resulted in a significant drop in weight, and the lightest recorded yet. I could feel even more weight loss in my waist and hips, and I felt great overall.

On the Day Six weigh-in, I was down 3.1 lbs from the day before — down 5.5 lbs total.

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