staying classy in San Diego

One of the reasons I did the GM diet/cleanse when I did was because I was a week away from leaving for a business trip to San Diego and knew I would be eating like a queen, but working 17-hour days and not getting a chance to exercise; I figured it would help me feel a little less guilty about all the calories if I had that 6-pound buffer. Really, I should have done it before and after because man did I eat…

Two recommendations I got before departing – Mexican and seafood. I did a little of both, and sometimes within the same dish. Here’s a little food porn for you, West Coast style. Feel free to drool. I did. Repeatedly.

Cafe 21: Frittata with prosciutto, heirloom tomatoes, cremini mushrooms and cheese; toast; fresh fruit and a glass of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice.
Fred’s Mexican Cafe: Surf & turf enchilada with ranchero and suiza sauces; black beans; and queso fresco.
Harbor’s Edge Restaurant, San Diego Sheraton: Cioppino, Italian-American stew with lobster, crab, prawn, mussels and oysters.
Las Hadas: Enchilada del mar with fresh broiled lobster and shrimp rolled in a handmade crepe, topped with green tomatillo and avocado; black beans; and queso fresco.


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