Jersey strong

Unless you’ve avoided all forms of media (and for most of the people I know, the outdoors, windows and doors), you’re well aware that Hurricane Sandy had her way with the Northeast earlier this week. The storm was the largest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded, and is responsible for at least $20 billion worth of damages. According to CNN (as of today), at least 76 people in the United States and two in Canada died during the storm, raising Sandy’s overall death toll to 145 after earlier claiming 67 lives in the Caribbean.

My area of South Jersey — just outside Philadelphia — was extremely lucky to remain relatively unscathed (power outages, downed trees/wires, some flooding), but many of my friends down the shore saw Sandy ravage their homes, streets, beaches and local businesses.

Union Beach in Sandy’s aftermath (from Buzzfeed)
Seaside Heights (from Buzzfeed)
Avalon (from Buzzfeed)

My thoughts and prayers go out to all affected. If you are interested in helping those in need as a result of Hurricane Sandy, please visit any of the following links:

How to help after Sandy


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