seasonal sucker

so delicious pumpkin

One of the things I pride myself on is my grocery shopping proficiency. I make lists, plan a route, study the circulars… I’m basically a supermarket Rain Man. Avocados are on sale this week. Yeah, definitely four for $5. Uh oh, long line at checkout. I militantly stick to my list, steadfast in my in pursuit of savings and abbreviated supermarket visits. But sometimes — just sometimes — I cross paths with a seasonal or novelty item packaged or marketed in such a way that I cannot say no. Continue reading seasonal sucker

it’s like a heat wave!

Remember a few weeks ago when it wouldn’t stop raining, like, every day on the east coast? I would gladly take that over the however-many straight days of 100+ degree temperatures we’ve had this week. It really hasn’t seemed that bad to me, though, mostly because I spent the greater portion of the summer refusing to turn on my AC. The thermostat in my condo would sit anywhere between 85-87 degrees, and I grew accustom to the high heat. The only thing I can’t get used to is basically driving into a tree every day after eight hours of work because I can’t touch the steering wheel without leaving welts on my hands. I am really considering trying that ‘baking chocolate chip cookies on the dashboard’ thing. Worst-case scenario: The cookie aroma forces out the gym locker smell that has overtaken my car thanks to multiple sweaty sporting events per week.

mocha coconut frapp cleanAs a means to cool down one night, I tried this mocha coconut “Frappuccino” I saw on The Gracious Pantry (one of my favorite clean eating sites). Continue reading it’s like a heat wave!

sometimes you feel like a [health] nut

almond joy smoothie

For some reason, I had the new [terrible] “Family Feud” on in the background one day, and I overheard a round regarding the least used kitchen appliance. Survey says: the blender. Are you kidding me? I use my blender, like, three times a day. I guess I’m smoothie obsessed? For all you inactive blender owners out there, give this Almond Joy smoothie a go and maybe you’ll see the light. Continue reading sometimes you feel like a [health] nut

skinny shamrockin’

skinny shamrock shakeLast week, my friends — a few of which are in a weight-loss competition — were discussing Shamrock Shakes and their inability to resist the minty seasonal treat. We played the nutrition fact guessing game, and I wasn’t surprised: In just the small, 12-ounce Shamrock Shake, there are 530 total calories. (You can lop off 80 calories alone by cutting out the whipped cream and Maraschino cherry. Who the hell gets a cherry on their Shamrock Shake anyway?) Continue reading skinny shamrockin’

strawberry beer lemonade

Some of my friends will drive across states to visit a brewery. They’re talking about hops, malt, IPAs… I have no idea what they’re talking about, and often when they give me a taste of whatever beer they’re drinking, I crinkle my nose and act like someone’s given me ipecac. Sometimes it’s lonely on the outside looking in, but I just don’t get beer. Don’t get it.

All that being said, I recently came across an interesting photo on Pinterest: strawberry beer lemonade. It’s one of those things you tell people about and they say, “That sounds…interesting…,” but I was intrigued and determined to show my beer snob friends something they’ve never seen before. Continue reading strawberry beer lemonade

whip it good

The first couple in my group of close friends is getting married at the end of this month, and we’re all pretty jazzed for the celebration. Last weekend was the bachelor party, and while the boys were quoting the hell out of “The Hangover” and losing their money in AC, the girls got together for a quiet night in.

When the boys are around, the only adult beverage available is beer, and that gets old. Fast. But while the boys are away, the girls will play [with girly drink combinations that guys will like, but never be seen drinking]. Armed with my favorite Pinnacle spirit, I sought to make a fantastic martini. I call it: the White Whipped. Continue reading whip it good