how grating

I need to invest in a nice grater. I recently set out to grate three beets with my craptastic grater, got 3/4 of the way through the first one and gave up. Luckily, that was more than enough to feed myself, but it lent itself pretty poorly to a 1/3 yield of the recipe I was making. Boy, were my arms sore. I think I know now how Robert Irvine got those guns.

Those beautiful beets made their way into some quinoa, beet and chickpea burgers — an awesome vegetarian dinner or leftover lunch to take the work. Continue reading how grating

hummus melts

hummus meltsThis post is going to be quick and easy, just like my new favorite meal: hummus melts. I make these for lunch or dinner when I’m short on time, or on the weekend for a more substantial snack. You could do this with homemade hummus, but if you’re a cheater like I’ve been lately, I highly recommend the Sabra basil pesto hummus; it’s got great flavor that works well with here. Continue reading hummus melts

portobello parm

I’ve been on a vegetarian kick lately, so when I stumbled upon this portobello parm recipe on Pinterest, I had to try it out. This is a super satisfying meatless alternative to chicken or veal parmigiana. It’s easy to make and surprisingly tasty. I paired mine with some quinoa and a red pepper and spinach salad for a healthy weeknight dinner. (And it kept well as leftovers, too.) Continue reading portobello parm

I love you, sweet “potatoe”

NEW: I’m now including calorie counts [as best I can] for my recipes. 

As I’ve mentioned a few times in my last few months of sporadic posting, my housing situation had been quite a mess. Long story short, I ended my lease in anticipation of moving into my new home within two to three weeks. That fell through. Then the next thing fell through. Then the next one got delayed. Finally, three months later, I found myself in my new home. A new home with a much bigger kitchen than I had previously. Of course, the kitchen was the first thing I unpacked. (Made for some interesting outfit choices those first few days.) Now, I’m cranking out new dishes on the reg, and hoping to finally get back to posting at a consistent pace.

The first official meal (meaning one that wasn’t a Morningstar Chik’n Patty or a bowl of cereal) was this sweet potato tahini veggie burger. Continue reading I love you, sweet “potatoe”

Italian layer bake

So remember, like, a week ago when parts of New Jersey got decimated by Hurricane Sandy? Well, now we’ve got a nor’easter on our hands. I wasn’t quite ready for the snowy weather, especially considering all my scarves and gloves are in my storage unit and my favorite pair of boots just fell apart. But, ready or not, the snow is here and I’ve already lost feeling in my poorly circulated feet.

A little silver lining to this shoddy weather is it makes a nice, warm meal even more rewarding. This Italian layer bake requires a bit of time at the deli counter, but makes a nice meaty little meal for the middle of the week when you want to eat something toasty and curl up in a ball. Continue reading Italian layer bake

prosciutto flatbread

If you read my last entry, you know how hectic my recent party planning was — particularly the menu. When you bribe your friends with food, they have high expectations. I made spinach bites, pepperoni puffs, crab-stuffed cucumber cups, a few tasty dips, etc. I still felt like it wasn’t going to be enough, so at the last minute, I called an audible and threw together these cheater prosciutto flatbreads. Continue reading prosciutto flatbread