happy birthday, Oreo!

Did you know today is Oreo’s 100th birthday? The first of America’s favorite sandwich cookie was eaten March 6, 1912 in Hoboken, N.J.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a dessert involving Oreos that isn’t incredible. Oreo milkshakes? Oreo truffles? Oreo crust? Cookies ‘n cream anything? I like to leave bags of Oreos open so they go stale. Mmmm, stale Oreos… Is that weird?

Happy birthday to my favorite edible centenarian! Everyone should probably celebrate Oreo’s big day by making a batch of the best Oreo-laden cupcakes on the planet. Continue reading happy birthday, Oreo!

Super Bowl XLVI cookies

Because I don’t often cook for more than two people, I go a little overboard when I’m attending potlucks, which is the case for this Sunday’s Super Bowl gathering. Officially, I’m bringing chipotle guacamole and chocolate chip cookie-bottom vanilla cupcakes, but I went on a bookmarking binge, and now I’m unofficially bringing, like, seven dishes.

These Giants-themed sugar cookies might get some jeers because I’ll be the lone Big Blue fan at the party, but I’m hoping my friends will at least appreciate the effort because, honestly, this was a lot harder than I thought it would be! Continue reading Super Bowl XLVI cookies

unspoiled oil

It was about this time last year I acquired a deep fryer as part of my friends’ annual “Thieving Elves” party. I haven’t made anything too noteworthy just yet, but it does get used relatively often (at least more than the quesadilla maker I got the year before).

The worst part about the deep fryer — other than the unnecessary calories it makes me consume — is that it uses a lot of oil, and oil isn’t cheap.  Continue reading unspoiled oil

patience, patience, patience

I don’t know how or why I thought agreeing to make 11 dozen cakeballs and five dozen cupcakes would be a good idea the week I was moving, buuut…  Either way, it’ll get done. I JUST got Internet hooked up at my new place, so sometime between unpacking and digging my way out of a pile of 8 million cakeballs, I will find time to get up a legitimate post. Patience, please! 🙂