tfg enters the toddler phase

Today marks my blog’s third birthday. When I look back at where I was when I started this thing, I simultaneously can’t believe it’s been only three years and it’s been that long.

A few things in my life have remained constant — family, friends, my ability to mess up seemingly innocuous tasks. (Oh, and my beloved car, which also celebrates its birthday this week.) But then, so much has changed. When I started, I baked and wrote to take my mind off the crapstorm my life had become. I was pecking away about mac n’ cheese in my secluded cubicle cave at a failing newspaper, and spending all of my free time on foodgawker. Sometimes I’d be sitting in the dark, the bedroom illuminated only by the laptop, scrolling through the endless trove of food porn until 2 a.m. Continue reading tfg enters the toddler phase


happy birthday, Oreo!

Did you know today is Oreo’s 100th birthday? The first of America’s favorite sandwich cookie was eaten March 6, 1912 in Hoboken, N.J.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a dessert involving Oreos that isn’t incredible. Oreo milkshakes? Oreo truffles? Oreo crust? Cookies ‘n cream anything? I like to leave bags of Oreos open so they go stale. Mmmm, stale Oreos… Is that weird?

Happy birthday to my favorite edible centenarian! Everyone should probably celebrate Oreo’s big day by making a batch of the best Oreo-laden cupcakes on the planet. Continue reading happy birthday, Oreo!

the big o-n-e

Not since I was dealing with first-day-of-school jitters has the end of August/beginning of September been particularly eventful. For the last four years or so, I’d just been chugging away at whatever articles or projects were on the table, and the only reason I’d even bat an eyelash is because the volume of school buses would make my hour-long morning commute even longer.

This year’s a little different. See, 2009 was one of the best years of my life, and 2010? Quite the opposite. But during late August/early September, I found a little bit of salvation, and it wasn’t until the one-year anniversary of these little milestones that I realized just how important this time of year has been. Continue reading the big o-n-e