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tbt: Blue Moon Cafe

Posted by culinaryneophyte on December 11, 2014

Blue Moon Cafe Captain Crunch WafflesThe first place I remember seeing featured on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” was a breakfast spot in Baltimore that had a female owner with a rock-and-roll personality and a menu full of crazy, drool-worthy meals. I sat there thinking, “If I ever open a restaurant, THIS is what I would want it to be.” And when I had the opportunity to finally visit Blue Moon Cafe in Fell’s Point last month, that feeling only grew.

I’m not usually a waffle/pancake person when I’m out to breakfast, but there was no way I wasn’t getting the as-seen-on-TV Captain Crunch French toast. I’d been dreaming about this thing for, like, five years. I can still taste the sweet, buttery goodness… the tart berries… the fresh whipped cream. You need this. YOU. NEED. THIS.

The decor was funky and the attitude was relaxed. We thankfully got there just before a big rush of people (on a Monday morning, even!), or we would have been waiting out in the cold; there isn’t much seating, let alone room to congregate. When we sat down, I wasn’t too excited to be right next to the front door, but I would gladly take the occasional whoosh of cold air over 30+ minutes sitting in it. I may have felt a little guilty gleefully stuffing French toast in my mouth while the frozen latecomers gazed longingly from the park bench outside. My bad, guys.

Our one mistake was not ordering the Sweet Baby Jesus as our other meal. We saw an enormous plate of hash browns, crab meat, eggs and hollandaise sauce pass by our table, and thought, “SWEET BABY JES–ooh, I get it now.” Yeah. Next time.


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Cupcake Smash 2012!

Posted by culinaryneophyte on April 28, 2012

Cupcake Smash 2012!

Here’s my setup at Philabundance’s Cupcake Smash 2012 in Philadelphia. Fruit Loop cupcake with Loopy Vodka buttercream frosting. I won People’s Choice! More details coming soon. Thanks to all who came out to “beet” hunger!

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boo, Halloween

Posted by culinaryneophyte on November 1, 2011

Halloween was relatively disappointing this year. It snowed (what!?) on the ‘party night’ so plans were a little helter skelter; I didn’t have time to come up with some spectacular ensemble; barely anyone dressed up in my office; and to top it off, I was psyched for herds of trick-or-treaters in my new place, and we got approximately seven kids. While the prospect of two full bags of candy would be a dream for some of you candy gluttons, it doesn’t do much for me.

The saving grace was one of the few kiddies who did come to the house — a little Winnie the Pooh, barely 3 years old, who fell in love with the Tootsie Roll Pop he carefully selected from our giant candy bowl, took a few moments to contemplate his next move (Kit Kat) and when offered another go at the bowl, held up his tiny hand and said, “No, no — no more.” Immediately melted my Halloween jaded heart.

I did dabble in the holiday spirit earlier this weekend when I purchased a box of General Mills Monster Cereal on a whim. Fell prey to that little Boo Berry face looking at me with those big Boo Berry eyes. I’d never even eaten the cereal before, but decided to turn it into an alliterative treat for my friends’ party: Boo Berry Bars.

The Monster Cereals include the well-known Count Chocula (chocolate), Frankenberry (strawberry) and Boo Berry (blueberry). I was surprised to find out these cereals have been around since 1971 and ’72. Another little fun fact: This is the first year these cereals are being produced only during the Halloween season and not during the rest of the year.

♦1-1/2 c. Boo Berry cereal (or other General Mills Monster Cereal)
3 tbs. butter

1 c. medium-sized marshmallows

Place wax paper down in an 8×8 baking dish. Cut butter into fourths and toss in big bowl with all marshmallows. Microwave on high for 30 seconds, and then on 15-second intervals until marshmallows melted. Give a  quick mix, add cereal and mix well.  Spread mixture evenly on wax paper and let set. It’s going to be extremely sticky at first, so if you’re in a rush to get out the door (like I was), give it five minutes in the freezer, remove, press down with spatula to smooth top and condense bars. Once completely cooled, remove wax paper and cut bars.

Total time? 5  minutes prep, 10-30 minutes cooling/setting.
Cost? $2.69 box of cereal, 89¢ bag of marshmallows
Overall success relative to expectations? 7 out of 10. The first time I made these, I used the entire bag of marshmallows, and it was too much. You could also use the entire box of cereal, but I wanted to reserve a bit to try the old-fashioned way — for breakfast. I also used a loaf pan instead of an 8×8, and my bars were way too thick. Either way, these are a fun Halloween spin on the traditional Rice Krispie treat that’s super easy to make and the kids will love.

Sidenote: I know this may be in poor taste — especially for a food blog — but I was doing some research on GM Monster Cereal, found this entry on Wikipedia and launched into a fit of puerile laughter: “Franken Berry was very popular when first introduced possibly because the initial batches of the cereal used a dye that didn’t break down in the body, causing many children’s feces to be bright pink, a symptom sometimes referred to as ‘Frankenberry Stool.’

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