paleo mocha chocolate chip cookies

paleo mocha chocolate chip cookiesFor the last few years, I’ve been participating in a cookie exchange with the same group of girls — past and present soccer teammates who have become good friends. And while I love catching up with them, I have to admit, it’s become a biz (yeah, that’s short for biznatch) coming up with a new recipe each year to top the previous year’s cookie.

This year, I went with the cookies I made for my fantasy football draft a few years back. In searching for an idea, though, I realized I don’t have all that many cookie recipes on here, so here’s a new one — paleo mocha chocolate chip cookies. Continue reading paleo mocha chocolate chip cookies


you go, hot cocoa

Last year, I fussed about not having a cookie swap to go to despite a list of fantastic options I was dying to try. This year, it was looking like the same old story — no one could pick a date, everyone was busy — until I decided to take matters into my own hands. With 140+ co-workers at my new job, there had to be someone¬†who wanted to trade cookies with me! Continue reading you go, hot cocoa